Hi there beautiful human, welcome,

I am so happy to have you here.

If you've come to know me recently, you might be surprised to

hear what my life has been like in the past. Because my life hasn't 

always been about essential oils, angel cards and moon intentions.

To be frankly honest, everything that wasn't mainstream and had

a gentle whiff of fluff gave me shivers for many years. It wasn't

after I had made my own experiences, that I became open to it and

changed my beliefs. I guess that is how it often goes... right?

After a brief but very intense career as an employment lawyer, life challenged me. All these years, I had been working towards becoming a lawyer, uncountable decisions built around this ideal. When it all fell apart I had to reorganize my life, reconsider previous decisions and beliefs. But most of all, I had to rediscover my passion.

Months of not being able to work, physical discomforts and mental exhaustion left me a little desperate. It was in those winter days in 2016 that a dear friend once again asked me to consider essential oils to support my healing. Being exhausted and longing for some healing, I gave it a try.

Not long after that, I started feeling subtle changes. My emotions, my enthusiasm, energy and bubbliness slowly returned. My oils gently forced me to listen to the signals my body was sending me, the messages it was trying to get across and I had been ignoring for so long. I had been living my life in my head for years, which completely disconnected me from my body and most of all my intuition and soul. Tapping into this source gave me confidence and trust. 

Just when I felt ready to move out of my parents' house again and get back on my feet, life took a slightly different turn. In a kitesurfing accident, I broke my knee. Stuck in a wheelchair I surrendered to their care one more time, while my inner fire and passion grew stronger. Diving deep into the world of essential oils to heal myself while creating my own protocol for my knees this time, made me eager for more. My enthusiasm about essential oils became contagious and before I knew it, I was sharing my experiences on essential oils and inspiring others to support themselves with natural solutions. 

All these little steps led me to decide to fill my days with the things that lift me up and make me happy. Teaching essential oils, sharing stories, inspiring others and showing you how to naturally take care of your physical wellbeing and happiness with essential oils. To let others benefit from the healing and transformative properties, just like I had the privilege to experience. Because that is what makes my heart sing. And I'd love to give you a bit of that too.

With love,




This space is where I share thoughts on how I perceive life. My journey to a more balanced life in alignment with my heart and soul. Sharing the juiciness, the sparks glitters, and rainbows, as well as the challenges, adjustments, and experiments! May it inspire you to see things slightly different, and go and explore yourself! ♡

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