Essential oils are powerful aromatic compounds that have been used for centuries to support physical, emotional, mental and spiritual growth and healing.

Mother Nature has equipped plants with aromatic compounds, like natural intelligence, to protect them from pests and heal from injury and damage. When we make essential oils, we capture these amazing self-healing properties. By using essential oils as a human being, we benefit from these self-healing properties and stimulate our bodies and system to do exactly the same. 

Because deep down there, we as human beings also have this innate wisdom that enables our body and system to heal itself. It's just that with our high paced, often stressful lives we disconnect from this wisdom. The frequent exposure to toxic chemicals and stress disrupt the natural balance and compromise our wellness. By using essential oils you support your body getting back into homeostasis in order to be able to live a balanced, happy and healthy life.

Essential oils Workshops

Whether you looking for natural solutions to replace toxic and harmful products that you've been using or ways to bring back more calm, peace and contentment into your daily life.

Drop me a message for either a 1:1 session or join one of my online and offline workshops to find out whether these essential oils are something for you! 

Hi there beautiful human, welcome,

I am so happy to have you here.
After an intense and short career as an employment lawyer, life challenged me to reconsider previous decisions and beliefs. I decided to completely change my life around and fill my days with the things that lift me up and make me happy. Teaching essential oils, sharing stories, inspiring others and showing you how to naturally take care of your physical wellbeing and happiness with essential oils. That is what makes my heart sing. And I'd love to give you a bit of that too. 


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April 24, 2019


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January 4, 2019

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February 12, 2018


"Thank you for the wonderful webinar. I love listening to your voice, it's very calming and at the same time playful!"

Hasse - Clarity Creator - Eindhoven, The Netherlands

"Caroline is a wonderful woman full of passion. Her way of listening makes you feel heard and seen. Her energy is contagious and her passion and kindness are inspiring me to become the best version of myself. 

Joëlle, Leiden, The Netherlands

The Chakras and Oils workshop by Caroline led me to some valuable insights about blockages that I am experiencing. Through her guided meditation and by sharing the oils with us, I was able to identify and learn more about some of these blockages. Aided by the safe environment that Caroline provided I could physically sense the blockages and work through some emotional release, which was a very powerful and eye-opening experience. The informative part of the workshop has helped me to re-incorporate the essential oils that I already had at home back into my daily routine in order to increase my inner balance and peace. I’d recommend the workshop to anyone who wants to learn more about chakra’s or who is already familiar with them but wants to use her or his oils to rebalance or support them. 

Lieke - The Hague, The Netherlands

"I would definitely recommend working with Caroline! Not only because of her knowledge, but also her gentle way of sharing and teaching. She is very genuine, truly caring and compassionate. An intimate approach, sincere interest in others' wellbeing and their stories, makes it a very pleasant experience." 

Patricia - Voorburg - The Netherlands


"Caroline has the ability to inspire you with just her presence. She's the type of woman you can rely on. She has great knowledge, she's creative, driven, optimistic and on top of this she has lots of energy to help you throughout the project. She has a good ability to connect the dots together, another reason for why she's so amazing to work with. She leaves you with such professional work and a feeling of joy, courage, and inspiration!"

Tess - Yoga Teacher - Stockholm, Sweden

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