Essential oils are powerful aromatic compounds that have been used for centuries to support physical, emotional, mental and spiritual growth and healing. 

Mother nature has equipped plants with aromatic compounds, like a natural intelligence to protect them from pests and heal from injury and damage. When we make essential oils, we capture this amazing self-healing property. By using essential oils as a human being, we benefit from these self-healing properties and stimulate our bodies and system to do exactly the same. 

Because deep down there, we as human beings also have this innate wisdom that enables our body and system to heal itself. It's just that with our high paced, often stressful lives we disconnect from this wisdom. The frequent exposure to toxic chemicals and stress disrupt the natural balance and compromise our wellness. By using essential oils you support your body getting back into homeostasis in order to be able to live a balanced, happy and healthy life. 

A few of my favourite essential oils are:

- Lavender to calm the nervous system, relax and support a night of restful sleep. Not only is it calming to the nervous system, but it's also very soothing and calming for the skin. A couple drops of Lavender in a carrier oil like Fractionated Coconut will replace your skincare. And did you know it is a great oil for balancing hormones and that it helps the body in producing Melatonin? Who needs a Melatonin pill when you can have the delicious fragrance of Lavender to assist you at night?

- Lemon is a delightful refreshing essential oil that I love to drink in my water throughout the day. Lemon, like other citruses, has cleansing properties and supports the body in getting rid of toxins and chemicals.

- Wild Orange for me is sunshine in a bottle! The moment you peel of the first part of an orange peel, and the spritzers fly around? That is what this beautiful sunny oil smells like. Put a couple drops in your diffuser to get you going in the (dark and cold) mornings, uplift the spirit in the afternoon with a sniff of Wild Orange or use it in a chocolate recipe.

- doTERRA Balance to keep me grounded, balanced, calm and centred. Keeping you present, getting you out of your head and into the body. A wonderful oil to start your day with, and grab during the day when the overwhelm of tasks and duties hits.

- doTERRA ZenGest was honestly one of my lifesavers a couple of years ago while struggling with digestive discomforts. Whether I feel a little nauseated, bloated or unable to digest in general, ZenGest calms it down and eases the discomfort.

- Peppermint, last but not least! Cooling, refreshing, activating and soothing for muscles and tensions in the body. Inhale a few drops before working out to increase the levels of oxygen in your body and boost your performance. Together with Wild Orange in your diffuser it's the ideal pick me up blend to get you going.

When you use essential oils to assist your body and system to get back into balance, you want to make sure that you're using 100% pure, natural and safe essential oils, free from toxic chemicals and fillers. That's why I only use dōTERRA essential oils. Scroll down for more on WHY I wholeheartedly decided to partner up with dōTERRA. 


Purity and potency

Unfortunately, most essential oils have just approximately 2-4% of pure plant essential oil. Often the rest of the bottle is filled with synthetic fillers and petrochemicals, which is one of the reasons why labels tell you not to ingest the essential oil. With our skin being the biggest organ, I personally wouldn't want to put an oil like that, that isn't safe to ingest, on my skin to be honest. Because did you know, little less than the half of what goes on our skin will end up inside our bodies.

Even though we as a human might not always recognize the difference between a 100% pure and potent essential oil and an adulterated oil, or an oil with a lower quality, our bodies are well aware of the difference. It's only the purest oils that enable the body to pick up the signals and support it in its self-healing abilities. One of the reasons for that is that for an essential oil to be potent and effective, it's important that all chemical compounds are present in the oil since its the melody between these compounds that makes the oil so powerful. The lack of certain compounds, let alone the right amount, 

dōTERRA oils are 50-70 times stronger than the actual plant, as it takes so many plants just to make one bottle of oil! One drop of peppermint oil is equivalent to 28 cups of peppermint tea. So imagine the healing powers of mother nature in these amber bottles. A little goes a long way!

Sourcing from where the plant thrives most.

Imagine a plant growing in its own habitat. The soil, sunlight, humidity and threats give the plant its strength, resilience and 'immune system'. Creating an essential oil from plant material like this, instead of creating big fields of plant material in the States, is what differs a dōTERRA essential oil from others. 

dōTERRA's testing

Next step is the testing. Rigorous testings so that we as a user can be assured of the highest quality, for every single drop. dōTERRA oils are tested onsite, then go through third party cross testings/multiple testings, when they reach the US. Almost 60% of the oils received by dōTERRA are being sent back because they don't meet the standards. All so that we can be assured of an amber bottle filled with only purest essential oil, no fillers, no pesticides, no weeds or herbicides. 

Did you know you can track down your dōTERRA oils with the code on the bottom of the bottle? Go ahead and trace your essential straight away.

Co-impact Sourcing

Last but not least, by buying your essential oil, you support the farmers, harvesters and distillers all along the chain. The sourcing process isn't just about bringing the highest quality oil into your home, the lives of farmers that can be improved by producing these oils are as important. The desire to contribute to improving life's circumstances is one of the reasons why many oils come from countries facing economic and environmental challenges, like Guatemala, Haiti, and Somalia. 

The collaborations with the local farmers, create jobs and provide income in countries where it is much needed. They've developed long-term relationships with artisans and distillers around the world. They work with trust-worthy, long-term buyers and they, in turn, can invest in quality equipment and employees and keep a stable price and a stable product. Using dōTERRA not only brings joy and wellbeing in your home, but also in the homes of those who contribute to the production process of these essential oils. 

A feeling says so much more than just my words, therefore I'd love you to have a look at this video on doTERRA's Frankincense oil and how a different perspective on doing business changed so many lives. So that you can make a well-informed decision and make a choice based on what is important to you!

“Empowering families in their own home with natural solutions”. 

The connection made from person to person, sharing solutions for a more empowered lifestyle with an active role in one's own health and wellbeing, is what makes this business model as a one of a kind. In the highly individualized world we are living in (where we can buy anything online without any personal contact, education and knowledge of where the product comes from) a real connection, a caring gesture and knowledge of where the product is coming from, is so rare. 

Empowering people to learn the knowledge for their own long-term health, is not reached by sales, but needs education. Which will then lead to users who are actually able to benefit optimally from the products they've got into their homes. Heart to heart, belly to belly, is what I believe in!

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