It's super easy! You either buy your doTERRA oils for the retail price over retail price over here (click on shop, 'join and save' is where you can get your oils for the wholesale price).

Or you get your oils for the same price as I do, with a 25% discount! All you have to do is set up your own wholesale account, for just €25,- you'll be able to get all oils and products with 25% discount.

I can highly recommend you to get started with one of the starter kits of essential oils. These kits are designed to introduce you to essential oils and explore all the possible ways of using them. Besides, you'll get a great discount, it already includes the enrollment fee of €25 and you'll be able to save for free oils! Just click on this link and you'll be directed to the website of doTERRA where you can fill in your details and get your oils:

Δ Choose the country you live in (for European countries, pick Europe first) and language.

Δ Go for wholesale customer. 

Δ Fill in your personal details. Make sure you 'll see my name pop up in the section Enroller ID, so I can reach out to you for support on your essential oils journey and send you useful resources on how to get started with your oils. If my name doesn't occur, just fill in 4096195 for Enroller ID. 

Δ Now you're actually in the part where the magic happens. Pick either the enrollment fee and add a couple of single oils, or give yourself a kickstart with a starter kit.

Not sure about what to start with? Just reach out by leaving me a message and I'll get in touch with you so we can see what fits your wishes and needs.


With getting these essential oils into your life,  you invest in your own health and wellbeing. I honour you for that. Therefore, as soon as you've ordered your oils, I'll get in touch with you to set up a free 45 minutes wellness consultation to get you going with your oils. We'll set up a daily routine together, to weave the oils effortlessly into your days. 

Also, you will have access to the exclusive Team Earth FB group with heaps of resources, inspiration, instructional video's and a platform to ask all questions about your oils and usage.

Join our recurring essential oil team calls, where we dive into different topics (both oils related and business).

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